CinéBaie #5 MINT Paris Special Screening

Naiguan Film will show 5 short films from the MINT Chinese Film Festival on a Saturday afternoon in early summer when the weather is warming up. These films are a reflection of the young director’s observations of himself and his perspectives on society.

The members of MINT Chinese Film Festival will be present for the post-screening Q&A.

13th May, 2023 15:15-17:00 

Le Brady, 39 Bd de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris

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How I Grew Up
Second Birth
Lucky Fish
Only Night Knows
17:30 Q&A
L’Amour Vache – 2 Bd de Bonne Nouvelle, 75010 Paris


– 01 –


The gold prize of the Lin Fengmian Creative Award in 2021

The Forum Award of the 3rd Dongbuzhou International Animation Week in 2021

The IAF West Lake International Animation Special Jury Award in 2021

The Hangzhou Youth Video Project Golden Lotus Award Jury’s Recommendation Award in 2021

The Animist Tallinn International Animation Festival, Estonia Best Student Animation Award in 2022


Born in Zhejiang province of China,1999.
Graduated from China Academy of Art with a bachelor’s degree in 2021.

What does the director say

The video delivered this time is a post-graduate project completed in cooperation with two classmates (Yike Cen and Jiawei Li). This film is an observation of one’s own emotions.

– 02 –


Selected into 75th Cannes corner

Reel Sisters international film festival (Oscar qualified)

Shanghai international film week

Milano independent film festival

Macau International film festival

AMFA Herspective women film festival

Next Wave Hainan film exhibition for new author

Giangzhou strangers indie film festival


I was born in Beijing, fly to UK to study since I was 17. I graduated from University of St Andrews in psychology degree(MA) in Scotland. I have taken part in the feature film SHINMASHI, SKY LADDER and THREE-BODY. The script UNSEEN ISLAND was selected into the 3rd WANDA ELITE project script competition top 10 and 2020 film project promotion of SHANG HAI film festival and GOLDEN ROOSTER film festival.I am determined to make films revealing the women’s status in China relating to the fertility policy and gender equality.

What does the director say

Sixty percent of Chinese housewives have suffered from depression, “My life has no color” When the child finally grew up, many women who has college degree began to think: Am I just being someone’s daughter, wife or mother?

Women who have similar experience are not minority in the whole world.

The purpose of creating this black and white short film is to restore the viewpoints of women represented by my mothers to the greatest extent, to discuss what is the “freedom” they pursue, At the end, I will also restore the color again. I hope they can find this “freedom” and “colour of life”.

– 03 –


Selected into
2019 DOKFILM Norway

Selected into
2022 World Nomadic Film Week

Selected into
2022 Cine Cina

Archived by New Castle University and Cornell University


Pahriya Ghalip

Uighur director, graduated from Beijing film academy, department of film studies. Documentary works include “Hair” and “Read a Poem for Me”, “Homo Ludens”(in production). Recently, she is producing a series of documentaries “The Young in Hutongs”, which has been shortlisted for GZDOC, Hishorts!, and awarded by China Documentary Festival.

Ina luna Gundersen

– 04 –


Young Cineastes Award, Palm Springs International Film Festival 2022

Special Mention for Best LGBT+ Short Film, Palm Springs International Film Festival 2022

Audience Award for Best American Short Film, Champs-Elysées Film Festival 2022

Special Jury Award, San Diego Asian Film Festival 2022

Best Narrative Short, Tampa Bay International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2022

2021/22 Frameline Completion Fund

Inside Out’s 2021 RE: Focus Fund

BIOGRAPHIE | Emily May Jampel

Emily May Jampel is a filmmaker born and raised on Oʻahu and based in Brooklyn. Her work has screened at festivals including Palm Springs, Champs-Élysées, Frameline, Inside Out and CAAMFest. She received the 2021/2022 Frameline Completion Fund and Inside Out’s Re:Focus Fund for her short Lucky Fish. She has curated short film programs for Metrograph and was Allies in Arts’s 2021 guest curator for their annual screening of short films directed by BIPOC, female, trans and non-binary filmmakers in partnership with SONY. Emily also works as a development executive at the production company Department of Motion Pictures (BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, PATTI CAKE$, MONSTERS & MEN). She got her start working at companies like Cinereach, Film Movement, and interning at Killer Films, Color Force, and Zeitgeist Films.

– 05 –


Sha He was born in Fengdu, Chongqing, China, in 1990. She was fostered in different families and lived a life of desolation in her teens. When life drastically changed, she attempted to find the meaning of life. After lots of trials and errors, she recovered her momentum and obtained a bachelor’s degree in art from Communication University of China, devoted to exploring the possibilities of human nature by film. At the end of 2019, she finished her first short film script “Only the Night Knows” and began to shoot her first documentary film “The Kingdom Of Dreams” , and completed post-production during the pandemic. Currently she is writing the script of her first feature film.

What does the director say

The story is adapted from the director’s personal childhood experience. She wants to say goodbye to her childhood in darkness and to light a lamp for those who are still stuck in it. After many years struggling, She found a way out from her past life. Making film reveal a new possibility of her life.


– Curators –

Yixiang Shirley Lin

is a London/Beijing-based film curator focused on Chinese cinemas and women cinemas. She devoted to develop creative film exhibition, screenings and festivals. She founded the UnicornScreening in 2019 and has actively carried out curatorial activities in Beijing, Rome, London, Edinburgh and Berlin for three years. After graduating from MSc Film, Exhibition and Curation at University of Edinburgh , she co-founded and lead the curation of Mint Chinese Film Festival in Keswick in 2023. She assisted in the film programming for Climate Crisis Film Festival and UN Women Global Voices Film Festival and served as the lead film curator of 2022 Odyssey: a Chinese Cinema Season. She co-curated Colour Across Chinese Cinemas supported by University of St Andrew.

Xiyun Li

Festival manager and co-curator of the Mint Chinese Film Festival. She is a freelance film journalist and independent producer based in the Netherlands and active in major European film festivals. Graduated from the media and film studies program at the University of Amsterdam. Third prize winner of the 6th Deepfocus Film Critics Competition in 2022. She is an avid participant in contemporary cultural exchange and looks forward to promoting the new generation of Chinese-language films to the world of cinema.

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